La Mirage North Haven Connecticut

Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find the answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please give us a call at (203) 239-1961 or email us. We are usually available by phone 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers.

  • 1. Could you please send me information about your facility? (click to view answer)
  •  To keep our costs low and pass those savings on to our customers, we don’t send out a big package in the mail. The menus and pricing are available here on our website. Simply go to our Wedding, Event or Holiday menu pages, then click on the name of the package your wish to view. The price per person is listed at the bottom of each menu. If you are having trouble opening the files, please go to the our Help Page for assistance. 
  • 2. Do you have a particular date available?
  •  Date availability changes rapidly. Please call our office for the most up-to-date information. 

  • 3. Can I set up a time to tour the facility?
  •  Yes! We would love to show you around. We are very flexible and give tours when it’s convenient for your schedule, including nights and weekends. Please call to set up an appointment. 

  • 4. What time slots are available and what is the guest minimum and maximum?

  • In general, Crystal Room functions can start between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon, or between 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm. Mirage Room functions can start between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. However, other times may be available. The Mirage Room accommodates 50-150 people (75 minimum on Saturday). The Crystal Room accommodates 75-350 (100 minimum on Saturday). Some exceptions are available.

  • 5. What is included in the price?
  • All packages are subject to Connecticut sales tax of 7.35% and an administrative service charge of 18%. The only other charges would be for options you choose to add to your package.

  • 6. Can we hold our marriage ceremony on site?
  • Our magnificent Ceremony Garden is available for your onsite ceremony. Please inquire about the site fee. There is an outside ceremony chair rental and setup fee of $1.50 per attending guest.
  • 7. What happens if I'm having an outside ceremony and it rains?
  • The ceremony can be moved inside to your reception room if it rains. Depending on the timing of the wedding and the number of guests, the Carport may also be alternative ceremony locations. There is an additional labor charge of $150 to set up the chairs in church-style rows in your reception room and then move them back after the ceremony. (If you wanted this, you would need to let us know the morning of the wedding.) There is no additional charge if the guests simply sit at their tables.

  • 8. What about decorations and music for an outside ceremony?
  • We don’t decorate the gardens (except for what nature provides!) but you are welcome to decorate them yourself. You can provide a runner for the aisle if you’d like. We recommend a fabric runner, as paper or plastic ones tend to get blown around. The brick of the aisle is a different color from the rest of the area, so you may find you don’t really need one. There are power outlets in the garden, so you may have your DJ set up his table and equipment if needed for music.

  • 9. Do you offer a discount for certain days of the week or times of year?
  •  Because our prices are so reasonable, we do not normally offer discounts, but they may be available in certain situations – please feel free to inquire.
  • 10. Is it possible to add additional time to my function?
  • Yes, additional hours can be added when available. Please note that the open bar must be extended the same amount of time. To add one hour with open bar, the cost would be $120 plus $8/person.
  • 11. How are deposits and payments handled?
  • We require an initial payment of $500, then $500 one month later, and then $500 an additional month later. For these three payments, personal checks are acceptable. The balance must be paid in full 10 days before the event with a bank check or cash.
  • 12. Do you have packages available for other functions such as banquets, birthdays or anniversaries?
  •  Yes, we have several banquet packages posted on our Event Packages page. Any of our wedding packages can be used for other functions as well. We are happy to customize a banquet menu to the needs of your event. Please call for more information 
  • 13. Can you recommend a member of the clergy or a justice of the peace for our wedding ceremony?
  • Yes, we have an outstanding ordained minister or great Justice of the Peace available on staff, or you may supply your own.
  • 14. Is a DJ included with any of the packages?
  • A DJ is not included in our current packages, but we will be adding a package soon that does include one of the best DJs in the area.  
  • 15. Do you have someone who will coordinate my ceremony and do a rehearsal with my bridal party?
  • Yes, we can completely coordinate your ceremony into a “show piece”. Rehearsals are usually done complimentary if you can fit into our schedule. If you need special or extended time, an additional charge will apply.